Monday, August 18, 2014


This guy is SO excited for school to start tomorrow ... and I am so excited for him to start school.  He is beyond ready.

He was such a trooper, letting me take all these pictures of him this evening.  The first day of school is always so hectic and I rarely remember to take pictures of my kids while we are rushing out the door.

This boy of mine just melts my heart.  He is so sweet and kind and loving.

He is going to have a great year.


  1. WHAT??? This isn't possible...I can't believe he's going to TK...!!! He's adorable, and is looking more and more grown up. Good luck Zachary...and yay for you for getting a couple of hours a day with just not-so-little Avery!

  2. Love your Star Wars Shirt!!!

    Green is a great color!

    Perfect for your costume also for Halloween xoxo